PTCL Internet Speed Test Service is available here. Many people in Pakistan are facing low internet connection speed. There could be different problems with DSL Connection speed. Sometimes we may experience slow speed and sometimes fluctuate in speed. Actually, we are using telephone lines. PTCL Telephone lines are not in good condition in Pakistan. There are so many cuts in the line and Pols of PTCL are far away from our homes. If you are facing a slow connection speed call PTCL and ask them to check your Telephone connection, or try an online speed test. Keep in mind this problem could be in your home line so first of all check your lines. So if your lines are clear and the PTCL wire is without cuts and new then you will never face this problem. Now you can easily check and Monitor your PTCL Broadband speed through ptcl broadband speed test. Ptcl Speed Test will inform you about Downloading and Uploading Speed of your current Ptcl Connection.




Before clicking the Internet Ptcl Internet Speed test button kindly close your all active downloads and stop all browsing in this way you can check your PTCL Net Speed Test accurately and this service will give you a better result. If you have a problem downloading and uploading and have a slow connection issue kindly contact PTCL Helpline 1236 or 1218 for any kind of PTCL Complaint. You can register your complaint through the automatic system or through a PTCL representative. PTCL is providing the best service all over Pakistan, there is no comparison of any other service with PTCL. If you having a problem with PTCL Speed Test Service kindly mention it in the comment box below.

For accurate results follow these instructions.

-Before Starting PTCL Speed Test close all your active connections

-Close all downloads and browsing during PTCL Speed Test

-Disconnect all connections on the home network and wifi

You Can Also Check the speed of your Ptcl Evo Wingle Device. If you feel that result is not accurate you can reset ptcl speed tester. This method will show you the result again. Before the Ptcl Speed test check your location because PTCL Evo depends on signals like Mobile phones so if you have any problem in speed kindly change your location and try again. I hope with this method you will get a better result.



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