What causes asthma?

Asthma-causing elements.

It is very painful to suffer respiratory disease. Your loved one may be a victim of this. Which means that the environment around them all the time can make their illness is painful. Cold, wind fluctuations and make breathing painful. But there are some things that cause an asthma attack surprisingly are.
It is generally known that the pet had asthma increases the risk of stroke, but other animals can cause this, such as mice, especially in the cities.

Bed bug
Bed bug could be harmful for the asthma patients.

Lady Bug
Lady bug look beautiful but Presence of Lady bug in the home is also harmful for Asthma patients

High Ways
Pollution on highways could be harmful for the patient of asthma.

Influenza virus
Cold and Flue could be painful for patient. But it is very dangerous and can cause of death.

Obesity is not good for health. It could cause of asthma in children and middle age women. Obesity is decreases stamina to fight against diseases. So its is dangerous in asthma.


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