Vitamin D deficiency

What is Vitamin d deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency has lot of side effects on health. Deficiency of vitamin D is caused High Blood

Pressure. Deficiency of vitamin D is dangerous to human bones and teeth. Symptoms of Vitamin D

deficiency are high blood pressure which is dangerous for health. Medical experts conclude that the

deficiency of vitamin D also caused heart problem, it’s also proved that vitamin D deficiency effects

occur in old age, due to age factor cause high blood pressure and heart problem. Experts said that if after

age of 30 people maintain vitamin D in their body they can reduce risk of heart and high blood pressure.

Deficiency of Vitamin D also caused hair loss and weight gain and fatigue. If you have these signs you

must consult with your doctor.

Vitamin D  Deficiency Treatment 

Eat fruit and vegetables which are rich with Vitamin D.







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