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Long Hair Tips


Every one wants to know about long hair tips to grow healthy hairs. Hairs are important for both men

and woman but specially a part of women beauty, and have magnetic attraction like a beauty of body and

health women should also take care of their hairs.Perfunctorily makes them awkward. Hairs also

becoming grey if we don’t care of hairs. To make your hairs healthy you have to include.


Protein: Use Proteins in your diet, proteins are good for hairs health so always use food which are rich in proteins.

Iron:  Use of food have rich in iron are good for hairs health, so use food which are full of iron to make your hairs healthy, shiny, long and good looking.

Cold water:  Cold waiter is also very useful for hairs so wash your hairs with cold water, avoid using warm water it will damage your hairs.

Massage:  Massage your hairs with fingers gently it’s very useful for hairs it increases blood flow and make your hairs healthy.

So take care of your hairs and make them beautiful.




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